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Around the plastic hollow board

Author: Popularity: Issuing time:2016/10/11 10:43:37

Undeniably, the development of science and technology does give us a very big convenience, improve the people's living standards and happiness index. The development of science and technology can be said to change with each passing day, with the progress of science and technology, our lives have undergone enormous changes, in fact, for our ordinary people, the biggest marketing is with the productivity of new products constantly Development, our lives more convenient.

    Now all walks of life are in constant pursuit of technological innovation and progress, hoping to progress through science and technology to drive the long-term development of enterprises, improve productivity and meet the needs of the market. In this traditional industry is gradually being eliminated today, green, environmental protection, sustainable development is the driving force of economic development. Dongguan Jian Xin hollow plastic plate is now the main new environmental protection, green development of the company.

    Dongguan Jian Xin hollow board production, the main material is PP, material can be recycled, recyclable, mainly instead of paper plates, stainless steel plates and other non-renewable resources. Our company has been uphold the principle of quality and service to ensure the quality of products produced for customers with the most perfect after-sales service, a serious and responsible for customers to solve all problems and questions.

    The company's main product is the hollow board of PP, PP board density is relatively small, and easy processing, hollow board also anti-corrosion, moisture, heat resistance, impact resistance, non-toxic, tasteless characteristics, is the most environmentally friendly plastic One of the materials. Hollow board produced by the company mainly white, blue, black, and other colors can be customized according to customer demand. Hollow board is the material of choice for the manufacture of plastic turnover boxes, widely used in electronics, machinery, electrical appliances, food packaging, pharmaceutical and other industries, the use of a very wide area!

    Compared with other materials, hollow plate is more light, corrosion-resistant, high temperature, moisture, etc., it is widely used in products and equipment, in production and life has an indispensable position, it is because the hollow board With these advantages, the use of hollow board will be more and more widely, to our production and life to bring more convenience!