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2016 General Plastics prices are still low

Author: Popularity: Issuing time:2016/10/11 10:45:51

According to the United States and the Group Purchasing Center Materials Technology Director Qin Shuyang introduced the United States and the Group's annual total consumption of about 35 million tons of plastic, including general plastic (abs, PP, PS) accounted for 85% to 90%. Haier New Materials R & D Co., Ltd. official said, Haier Group, about 400,000 tons of plastic each year, of which about 35 million tons of general plastics. "In recent years, with the household electrical appliance enterprises to more stringent cost control of raw materials, PP and PE in the appliance industry, the proportion of the application of the trend has gradually expanded, because these two modified materials can be achieved after better results, and Lower cost. "Shanghai Business Information Service Co., Ltd. Xue Jinlei analysis said.

Total is a large-scale petrochemical company, General Plastics attributable to refining and chemical business segment, the main production PE, PP, PS. Among them, PS production capacity maximum. In China, Total has Foshan, Guangdong and Ningbo, Zhejiang, two production bases, a total capacity of 400,000 tons, the production of HIPS and GPPS can be used for refrigerators, air conditioners, color TV, office appliances and other products manufacturing.

Commenting on the supply and demand situation of General Plastics, Xue Jinlei said: "In 2015, GE Plastics has been in a serious surplus of the state, the price continued downward, low profits, fierce competition has become the industry norm .2016, taking into account the crude oil prices are still low , Coupled with the coal chemical plant production of polyolefin plant put into production, excess capacity situation is still serious, GM plastics prices are still low.

     Jian Xin plastic hollow board used in polypropylene raw materials, and large raw material suppliers, product quality and low prices. As the price of raw materials prices down, Jian Xin hollow plastic plate wholesale prices began to decline, new and old customers can seize the opportunity to come to the next single.