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The future development trend of plastic mold: technological innovation and energy conservation and environmental protection go hand in hand

Author: Popularity: Issuing time:2016/10/11 10:46:09

With the level of CNC machining equipment, enterprises have increased efforts to develop plastic mold, plastic mold has become the most attractive variety of mold "cheese." In recent years, China's plastic mold development speed is quite fast. At present, the plastic mold in the mold industry share of about 30%. As China's automobile, home appliances, electronic communications, all kinds of rapid development of building materials is expected in the future mold market, the proportion of total mold plastic mold will gradually increase, and the development rate will be faster than other molds.

An injection mold is a component that imparts shape and size to the plastic during molding. Although the structure of the mold due to the variety and performance of plastic, plastic products, the shape and structure and the type of injection machine may vary, but the basic structure is the same. Mainly by the mold casting system, forming parts.

    Plastic performance continues to increase, but also makes the plastic parts gradually into the various industries, the current building materials, automobiles, home appliances, electronics and other areas of the annual demand for plastic products is still relatively strong. The rapid development of these industries is making China's plastic products industry has entered a rapid development stage, especially the plastic injection molding processing methods of plastic parts. But with the development of the times, China's injection molding processing industry has also been a variety of problems, the future not only to solve these problems but also clear the direction of future development.

    Injection molding mold processing industry, common problems are: a simple OEM production, backward machinery and equipment, R & D investment, production management, backwardness! The future of the market requirements of injection molding products is definitely higher and higher, especially Is like cars, home appliances and other fields used in injection molding processing products.