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Domestic plastic turnover box industry, rapid development of innovative product quality decisions

Author: Popularity: Issuing time:2016/10/11 10:50:28

From January to November last year, China's total output of 49,210,500 tons of plastic products, an increase of 21.11%. According to the relevant customs statistics, from January to September last year, the total import and export value of major commodities in the plastics industry totaled US $ 37.338 billion, up 12.92% year on year. From January to September exports of plastic products 865.71 million tons, 11.146 million tons over the same period last year decreased by 22.32%; but the export volume of 24.989 billion US dollars, plastic boxes over the same period last year, an increase of 15.28 billion US dollars 21.51%. On the one hand, the above-mentioned statistics reflect the current situation of the decline in exports and inflation, as well as the sustained growth in domestic demand.

Plastic turnover box, folding turnover box, anti-static turnover box ... ... a wide variety of turnover box full of the industry, countless manufacturers to use all means to research and development, sales of products, and strive in the entire competitive industry sub- Get a share.

Turnover box market quite a mixed bag, as many product models, the quality of the complex, without going into details. What kind of a turnover box in order to achieve the majority of customer requirements and minimize costs? Always holding the "quality first, service first" business philosophy, and through continuous research, development, the introduction of new turnover box - folding Type turnover box, punched heavy pound in the industry, solid its own position.

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