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Plastic hollow board products which maintenance rules?

Author: Popularity: Issuing time:2016/10/11 10:52:35

First of all, we must know that the plastic hollow box turnover box of the raw material heat resistance is poor, so pp material production of plastic hollow box turnover box should be taken to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Suffered a sun exposure of the plastic hollow box turnover box is very easy to aging, affecting its service life.

  Secondly, the plastic material made of PP hollow box turnover box is easy to deformation. Therefore, the installation of plastic hollow plastic turnover box, should be careful not to throw from high altitude. Should be in strict accordance with the provisions of the goods placed in a reasonable stacking of goods, do not focus on a place placed in the box, or eccentric stacking.

  Again, the plastic hollow box turnover box can not be dropped from a height, to avoid the impact caused by violent impact of the hollow box turnover box, cracks and so on.

  Finally, the forklift or manual hydraulic car operations, should pay attention to the fork in the stuck as smooth as possible to lift the tray before they can change the angle. Spurs can not impact the side of the tray tray to avoid damage, indirect damage to the hollow plastic turnover box and cargo. Pallet shelves, shelves must be used tray, carrying capacity based on shelf structure may not be overloaded.

  In addition, we should note that PP as raw material of plastic hollow box turnover box has a poor gloss, white spots after use, the hardness is not high shortcomings, so the use of the process, not suitable for such plastic hollow box turnover box Too heavy items, or stacked high placed, you can consider the use of thick boxes.