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What are the main properties of plastic hollow board?

Author: Popularity: Issuing time:2016/10/11 10:53:28

1) good stability, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and durable. Such as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) in the "aqua regia" is also difficult to corrosion.

    2) general plastic hollow board Wantong plate density than metal, light and beautiful.

    3) electrical insulation is good, most of the plastic Wantong board has excellent electrical insulation, plastic Wan Tong board is widely used in electronics, electrical, communications, equipment and other fields.

    4) plastic hollow plate mechanical properties, and can produce many structural components.

    5) good barrier, can produce a variety of containers, a good moisture-proof waterproof.

    6) good processing, through injection molding, in a very short time can be made into complex shape, size and stability, high quality products. In addition, the plastic Wantong board also has good wear resistance, self-lubrication, shock absorption, thermal insulation, electroplating, welding, light transmission and so on. In short, the plastic Wantong board has been applied in all walks of life. Thermoplastic three-states (glassy state, high elastic state, viscous flow state)

    Glassy state: the equivalent of inorganic solid state, in the glassy plastic Wantong molecular chain segment is basically in a state of stop, the molecule only in their own position on the vibration. In this form, the plastic hollow plate Wantong plate can be cut, cut, planing and other mechanical processing. Most of the plastic Wantong board at room temperature are in the glass state, such as: POM, PC, PBT, ABS and so on.

    High elastic state: in the high elastic state of the plastic Wantong molecular, kinetic energy increases, the molecular motion is maintained in the rotation of small segments, the chain and the chain will not occur between the displacement. In this form, when the plastic Wantong plate by the role of external forces will occur when the slow deformation, remove the force and then slowly restore the original shape. Most of the plastic Wantong board only in the thermal processing of plastic Wan Tong board high elastic state, at room temperature in the high elastic state of the plastic Wantong board TPE, TPU and other elastomeric plastic Wantong board.

    Viscous flow: all plastic Wantong board only in the thermal process will appear viscous state. In the viscous flow of plastic Wan Tong board molecules, network structure has disintegrated, macromolecules chain and chain, between the chain and the chain can move freely. External force is easy to make plastic Wantong plate deformation, remove the force is no longer restored after the prototype.

    Injection molding process can be said: by heating and the role of external force, so that the plastic Wantong from the glass at room temperature (or high elastic state), by the high state into viscous state, injected into a certain shape of the closed cavity , And then gradually cooled in the cavity, from viscous flow to return to the normal state of glass or high elastic state, and finally remove the shape of the cavity with the same plastic Wantong board products.