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Market demand and potential of plastic hollow board

Author: Popularity: Issuing time:2019/1/26 16:47:19

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Plastic hollow board with non-toxic, corrosion-resistant moisture, noise insulation, weather resistance, anti-aging and other strengths, can be the same as wood sawing, planing, nailing, drilling, riveting, can replace the market gas pollution decoration, decorate the information.


First, its primary use is as follows:


In front of the interior decoration for a variety of wood-based panels, coatings, furniture and other furniture using formaldehyde, disperse the toxic gases, the formation of indoor environmental pollution, become a killer Kang Jian. According to the experts refer to, residual in a variety of decorative materials, furniture, toxic gas, the necessary 15-year capacity to release clean.


Although the state of the 10 kinds of building materials to implement the national compulsory standards, but the national standard is modified on the harmful substances in the material limit is not completely eliminated. In the limited space, the use of a number of embellishment information, each kind of information to evaporate a little harmful gas, accumulate, indoor harmful gases will exceed the standard. Gas room, has become the interior decoration industry problems. PVC / PE wood-plastic materials and the use of the implementation, so that gas chamber problems have been solved. WPC information, does not contain harmful substances on the human body, with a small proportion, high strength, moisture, decay, insulation, insulation and other fine features. Is the furniture industry, indoor decoration industry and the future of wood housing construction industry aspirations of the timber.


Second, the main equipment with the plan and production process


1, equipment collocation plan is as follows:


(1) wood plastic materials for mold

(2) calendering sizing device, upper and lower setting roller,

(3) multi-channel water temperature constant temperature slide clamping pneumatic traction machine

(4) wood-plastic materials for a twin-screw extruder

(5) special sheet cutting machine

(6) electrical control of the Department of consistent sets

(7) care rack