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Hollow plate plastic materials What are the advant... [2016-10-11]
Hollow board plastic material board more and more widely. With the progress of society, all kinds of industrial products, materials, machinery and equipment, commercial items are constantly changing innovation. Hollow board plastic is a new...
Description of Shearing Technology of Fully Automa... [2016-10-11]
Automatic high-speed hollow plate production is a continuous production line, including hot-pressing the host, the cooling roll, cut and collected in several parts. First of all, through a certain proportion into the raw materials, desiccan...
The basic knowledge of plastic mold and technology... [2016-10-11]
In recent years, with the rapid development of plastic industry and general engineering plastics and strength and precision in areas such as continuous improvement, the application of hollow plastic products are also expanding, such as: hou...
Engineering plastics industry event struck, the ci... [2016-10-11]
2016 China International Engineering Plastics Innovation and Application Development Forum will be held in Shanghai on September 22-23, as the domestic engineering plastics industry, the highest specifications, the largest industry event, c...
Application of Plastic Hollow Board Turnover Box F... [2016-10-11]
Plastic hollow board turnover box is widely used, almost applied to all walks of life, can be used to the carton can be replaced with plastic hollow board can be used to plastic solid plate turnover box most of the plastic hollow box turnov...
Application of hollow plastic plate [2016-10-11]
Plastic hollow board is a hollow structure in the middle of the plate, also known as the hollow sub-board, corrugated board, Wantong board. Plastic hollow board compared to other cardboard structure products, the advantage is very obvious. ...
Around the plastic hollow board [2016-10-11]
Undeniably, the development of science and technology does give us a very big convenience, improve the people's living standards and happiness index. The development of science and technology can be said to change with each passing day,...
2016 General Plastics prices are still low [2016-10-11]
According to the United States and the Group Purchasing Center Materials Technology Director Qin Shuyang introduced the United States and the Group's annual total consumption of about 35 million tons of plastic, including general plasti...
The future development trend of plastic mold: tech... [2016-10-11]
With the level of CNC machining equipment, enterprises have increased efforts to develop plastic mold, plastic mold has become the most attractive variety of mold "cheese." In recent years, China's plastic mold development speed is quit...
New Application of Plastic Hollow [2016-10-11]
Plastic hollow board application of the industry is very broad like: 1, industrial product packaging turnover: electronic components packaging turnover box, plastic parts turnover box, box partition knife card, anti-static hollow box turnov...
How to choose the right plastic hollow board turno... [2016-10-11]
In the selection of plastic containers of goods, must be based on the needs of the practice of the use of plastic containers in the widely know the different functions and application methods, based on the rational selection of plastic cont...
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