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What are the main properties of plastic hollow boa... [2016-10-11]
1) good stability, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and durable. Such as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) in the "aqua regia" is also difficult to corrosion.    2) general plastic hollow board Wantong plate density than met...
Plastic hollow board products which maintenance ru... [2016-10-11]
First of all, we must know that the plastic hollow box turnover box of the raw material heat resistance is poor, so pp material production of plastic hollow box turnover box should be taken to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Suffered ...
Tablero hueco en el invernadero es cmo usarlo? [2016-10-11]
Greenhouse special PE sunshine board is a double hollow structure of plastic sheet, the middle of isolated air, both heat can also store heat, and insulation capacity is very strong, and rarely hang water and dripping phenomenon. PE hollow ...
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